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A compelling vision, a shared commitment to patient care, and several parallel journeys have brought an amazing team together to create Frontier Derm Partners, a parent company that supports a growing number of unique local practices in Oregon and Washington. Each practice caters specifically to its market and geography, providing varied services unique to its patient base. Together, we are the largest dermatology provider in the Pacific Northwest and are committed to being the premier destination of care and experience for patients and partners.


With patient care as our mission and purpose, we are proud to have physician leadership at every level including the Board of Directors and C-suite. Most of our providers are also active in local, state and national initiatives to direct the future of dermatological practice.

Additionally, our Medical Advisory Board self-governs and guides best practices across the platform.

  • Determining clinical best practices
  • Determining clinic operations best practices
  • Identifying new clinical and operational technologies
  • Working with mid-level providers to establish training and supervision policies
  • Reviewing recommendations from the provider recruiting department
  • Establishing and promoting ongoing provider education initiatives
  • Working with the Compliance Committee and Compliance Board
  • Overseeing the monthly Medical Directors meeting to discuss clinical and operational challenges


Our professional team may be divided by geography, but they are united in purpose. Together, they provide integrated operational and professional support to all our locations.

  • Pathology
  • Professional leadership and administration
  • Finance, billing and revenue cycle
  • Credentialing
  • Scheduling
  • Marketing and communications
  • Human resources and staff recruitment
  • Provider recruitment
  • Compliance
  • Provider contracting

Additionally, the medical staff is represented by physicians at all levels of operations and leadership.

For patients and care partners, our unified approach means unequaled access to quality care, state-of-the-art technology and a comprehensive array of services at 44 locations in two states. Our providers can confidently and easily refer patients between practices so that patients benefit from a greater selection of specialties and procedures.

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For our providers and staff, our unique culture encourages and supports teammates in achieving their professional goals, in an environment of excellence. We want our teammates to not only enjoy their work and feel valued but to be empowered ambassadors for the company.

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