Exilis Elite™

Service Type: In Office

The Exilis Elite™ is an entirely non-invasive cosmetic procedure that can tighten and tone skin on the face, neck, and body. This FDA-approved treatment is particularly excellent for addressing excess skin and fat in hard-to-reach areas. During an Exilis Elite™ procedure, radiofrequency energy is delivered through a handheld device and passed over the treatment area. Depending on the intensity of the treatment being performed, this energy penetrates to different layers of the skin. If this radiofrequency energy is absorbed by fibroblasts deep within the skin, they slowly begin to unravel, triggering the creation of additional collagen. This radiofrequency energy can also be absorbed by fat cells within the skin as heat, breaking them down entirely. Over time, these destroyed fat cells are gradually removed from the body, leaving behind a leaner, slimmer appearance.

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Mill Creek

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