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VASERlipo® uses ultrasound technology that can treat virtually any area of unwanted fat. Instead of loosening fat manually, the ultrasound “shakes” the fat cells to release them. From simple improvements to complete body transformations, VASERlipo® delivers precision body contouring results after just one treatment.

  • Abs, hips, or love handles
  • Male and female breasts
  • Back, buttocks or thighs
  • Arms
  • Knees, calves, or ankles

The procedure typically takes 2 to 4 hours depending upon the area(s) treated and does not require general anesthesia. While recovery varies from patient to patient, we advise waiting at least 48 hours before returning to work or light activity. Just like traditional tumescent liposuction, it is an ACTIVE recovery process. Patients can even start a light work-out just days after VASERlipo. Patients may experience mild bruising, swelling, numbness, or soreness after the procedure. We will go over all of this at your personal consultation appointment.

Depending upon the amount of fat removed and the number of areas treated, most patients report seeing noticeable results immediately. The final result can take up to four to six months after the procedure. Because the treatment is gentle, we can treat multiple body areas at one time, during a single treatment.

Areas on the body that are especially well suited to VASERlipo® include the thighs, knees, abdomen, love handles, arms, chest, chin, and neck. With healthy diet and exercise choices, contouring results can be permanent.

Ideal candidates are in good health and close to their ideal body weight.

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