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The Venefit™ procedure is a minimally invasive treatment option that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to
effectively treat patients suffering from varicose veins or chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). A vein specialist inserts the ClosureFast™ catheter into the diseased vein to provide consistent and uniform heat to contract the collagen in the vein walls, causing them to shrink and seal closed. Once the diseased vein is closed, blood will re-route itself to other healthy veins.

The Venefit™ procedure takes approximately 45-60 minutes, although patients may normally spend 2-3 hours at the medical facility due to normal pre- and post-treatment procedures.

Most patients report feeling little, if any, pain during the VenefitTM procedure. The VenefitTM procedure is usually performed under local or regional anesthesia. It is generally performed in a vein specialist’s office or an outpatient surgical facility.

Patients treated with the VenefitTM procedure may resume normal activities within a few days. Most patients report a noticeable improvement in their symptoms within 1-2 weeks following the procedure. Patients report limited to no scarring, bruising, or swelling following the VenefitTM procedure using the

Many insurance companies pay for the VenefitTM procedure in part or in full. The VenefitTM procedure has coverage policies with major health insurers.

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