Clinical Research

Frontier Derm Partners' clinical research department, led by E. James Song, MD  contributes time and talent to review the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens for dermatologic conditions. Participating in clinical trials offers our medical staff a unique opportunity to add variety to their clinical practice and allows them to be a part of the exciting process of bringing new treatments to market.

For patients, clinical trials can offer treatment for conditions that currently do not have any FDA-approved medications, or for those who have failed conventional treatments. This is also an opportunity for patients without medical insurance to have access to treatment.

  • All visits for study purposes will be conducted at our Mill Creek, WA office unless otherwise indicated in informational materials.
  • Patients will receive the normal standard-of-care during their visits and will be promptly referred back to referring provider at the conclusion of the study.
  • Health insurance is not required
  • Patients are compensated for time and travel.

Based in our Mill Creek location, Dr. Song and his research team partner with local providers to identify qualified participants for clinical trials of novel therapies. They are also actively involved in professional publications and mentoring our dermatology residents.

Current Trials

Local healthcare providers can refer qualified participants to participate in current studies, and patients can also self-refer. Inquiries and referrals should be directed to or 425-275-4404.

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